Battery Back-Up System

Product Features

  • - 12 Volt DC pump
  • - Controller/Charger/Alarm, 10 amp
  • - Float switch
  • - Check valve for 12 volt pump
  • - PVC tee for connection to existing 1‐1/2 discharge pipe of primary pump

Product Overview

The SPBS-12 provides extra protection in the event the primary sump pump fails, an obstruction in the sump pit blocks flow, or a power outage occurs.
It will also function as an alarm system if the primary pump fails to empty the sump pit.


  • The back up system is powered by a 12 VDC battery (Battery not included)
  • The battery should be a deep cycle marine battery rated 105 to 140 amp-hours
  • (A 140 amp-hour battery can provide in excess of 9 hours of continuous operation.)
  • A controller/charger monitors the battery condition and charges the battery when required
  • It will alert the homeowner if there is a problem with the battery not charging
  • Includes:
    12 VDC Pump
    Controller / Charger / Alarm,
    10 Amp With 6′ Power Cord
  • Float Switch Check Valve for 12V Pump
  • PVC Tee for connection to existing 1 1/2″ discharge pipe of primary pump
  • Battery Box

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