E51 • T51 Series

Product Features

  • - Capacities to 40 GPM
  • - Heads to 700 Feet
  • - Low NPSH Requirements

Product Overview

MTH E51 and T51 Series pumps utilize the same major components, and are identical in performance, but utilize different motors. E51 pumps are restricted to close-coupled operation on our own custom designed D3 motors. The D3 motors have a dual C-face with two pole 50/60 Hz ratings as well as an upgraded heavy-duty bearing for extended service life. The three-phase motors have a TEFC IP55 enclosure and power capability from 1/3HP thru 3HP, while the single-phase motors have an ODP IP21 enclosure and range from 1/3HP to 2HP. All D3 motors feature a 304 stainless steel shaft and CE mark approval. T51 pumps can accept most commonly available motors through the use of close or flexible coupling. For wider fluid compatibility, T51 units 3HP and under feature a protective motor shaft sleeve, while motors 5HP and over utilize a corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel shaft. Motors for the T51 Series come in ODP, TEFC, and Explosion-proof enclosures and allow operation at two pole or four pole speeds (3450/2880 or 1750/1450 RPM) ranging from 1/3HP to 3HP (C3/P3 single or three phase) and 5HP to 15HP (C15/P15 three phase only).

Steep Operating Characteristics
Near-constant capacity is maintained over wide variations in pressure. High shut-off pressure overcomes temporary line resistance.

Self-Adjusting Impeller
A hydrodynamic film on each side of the impeller positions it for long life. The impeller exerts no thrust load on bearings. Pump operates equally well in a vertical or horizontal position.

Mechanical Seals
Bronze fitted pumps have Buna N elastomers, high temperature carbon, and ceramic seats for best hot water service. Optional seats and materials are also available.

300# Case Working Pressure
Rigid structure is designed for maximum casing strength.

100% Tested
Every pump is fully tested to verify performance prior to shipment.

Volatile Fluid Handling
Turbine impeller handles vapors in excess of 20% by volume, minimizing the possibility of vapor locks.

”O”Ring Gaskets
“O”ring seals are used throughout the E51 T51 Series pumps to assure sealing and ease of service.

Shaft Sleeve
T51 pumps with motors 3HP and under utilize a protective shaft sleeve of an appropriate metallurgy according to the Standard Materials table. Motors 5HP and over have a 316 stainless steel shaft with an impeller bushing as listed under Standard Materials. E51 pumps do not utilize a shaft sleeve due to the use of a standard 304 stainless steel motor shaft.