150 • 160 • 170 • 250 • 260 • 270 Series

MTH Regenerative Turbine Pumps 150

Product Features

  • - Flexible Coupled
  • - Capacities to 150 GPM
  • - Heads to 1150 Feet
  • - Low NPSH Requirements on 250 • 260 • 270 Series

Product Overview

MTH 150 • 250 • 160 • 260 • 170 • 270 Series regenerative turbine pumps are engineered to provide long life, low-maintenance service for low-flow applications involving moderate to high pressures — such as boiler feed and similar uses. Available in single, two, three, or four stage models, MTH pumps offer these proven design features…

Steep Operating Characteristics
Near-constant capacity is maintained over wide variations in pressure. High shut-off pressure overcomes temporary line resistance.

No Vapor Binding
MTH impellers are designed to handle up to 20% vapor in the liquid being pumped.

No Metal to Metal Contact
MTH clearances enable handling of non-lubricating fluids while maintaining adequate heads.

Low Head Requirements
MTH pumps have excellent NPSH characteristics, which makes them ideally suited for difficult applications.

Minimum Shaft Deflection
Provided by heavy-duty outboard bearing supports on both sides of the impeller.

Balanced Radial Loads
On multi-stage MTH pumps, radial load equalization is designed into the pump.

Standard Pumps
Are Bronze Fitted and have hydraulically balanced impellers, one-inch stainless steel shafts, and corrosion-resistant seals throughout.

Mechanical Seals
Incorporate EPR seals, ceramic or Ni-resist faces, and stainless steel components. These advanced seals permit elevated-temperature operation even with aggressive fluids.

Lip-Sealed #204 Ball Bearings
On both inboard and outboard ends, operate within rugged cast-iron bearing supports and are permanently lubricated for maintenance-free long life.

Replaceable Channel Rings
Of 30,000 PSI cast iron, and Buna “O”rings at all sealing points, contribute to trouble-free operation

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