140 • 180 • 240 • 280 Series

MTH Regenerative Turbine Pumps 140

Product Features

  • - Flexible Coupled
  • - Capacities to 60 GPM
  • - Heads to 800 Feet
  • - Low NPSH Requirements on 240 • 280 Series

Product Overview

140 • 240 • 180 • 280 Series regenerative turbine pumps represent the most economical, high performance alternative for low flow (to 55 GPM) applications involving moderate to high pressures (heads to 700 feet). By combining years of regenerative turbine pump designs with precision computer controlled manufacturing, the 140 • 240 • 180 • 280 Series delivers high efficiency pumping operation, even at low NPSH. High quality parts and an easily serviceable design provide low maintenance and long life.

Steep Head/Capacity Curve
Pumping capacity varies only slightly as pressure changes. Steep pressure characteristic overcomes temporary line resistances.

Self Adjusting Impeller
140/180 Series impellers utilize balancing holes to promote hydraulic self-centering and to eliminate the need for external adjustment. The impeller exerts no thrust load on the bearings, thereby extending service life.

400# Case Working Pressure
Rigid structure is designed for maximum casing strength.

100% Tested
Every pump is fully tested to verify performance prior to shipment.

Volatile Fluid Handling
The turbine impeller handles vapors up to 20% by volume, minimizing the possibility of vapor lock.

Mechanical Seals
Bronze fitted pumps have EPR rubber, high temperature carbon and ceramic seats for best hot water service. Optional seats and materials are available.

“O” Ring Gaskets
“O” ring seals are used throughout the 140/180 Series pumps to assure positive sealing.

Pump shaft is high strength 416 stainless steel material.

Heavy duty sealed ball bearings on inboard and outboard ends of the shaft are permanently lubricated for maintenance free service.

Water Flingers
Water flingers provide added protection to ball bearings in the event of seal leakage.

Best Efficiency
New pump designs optimize efficiency for each size available.

140/180 Series pumps may be operated under adverse inlet conditions without audible or measurable cavitation.

New inlet design provides superior fluid handling ability with low head inlet condition.