TC Pumps Single-Stage, Double Suction Vertical Split Case Pumps

TC Pumps

Product Features

  • - Single-Stage, Double Suction Vertical Split Case
  • - Cast Iron Standard
  • - High-efficiency Double Suction Bronze Impeller
  • - Stainless Steel Optional

Product Overview

TC Series Pumps provide the ultimate in reliability and ease of installation for heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, cooling water transfer, and water supply applications. The TC Series’ top suction and discharge make this product line the ideal choice for minimizing your installation footprint. Quiet, dependable and proven performance: that’s the TC Series.

Continued Product Features

– Carbon Steel Shaft
– Stainless Steel Optional
– Bronze or Stainless Steel
– Replaceable Shaft Sleeves
– Bronze Replaceable Wear Ring
– Handles a wide range of applications with superior longevity
– Carbon Rotating Element
– Silicon Carbide Stationary Seat
– Viton Elastomerss