00® Series Cartridge Circulators

Product Features

  • - GPM: 0 - 40
  • - Head (ft): 0 - 32
  • - HP: .03 - .12

Product Overview

With their self-lubricating design and no mechanical seal, Taco 00™ Cartridge Circulators provide unmatched reliability that makes them maintenance free. Every Taco 00 circulator features a field-replaceable cartridge that contains all the moving parts. Replacing the cartridge rebuilds the circulator, so field service is fast and simple. They deliver excellent service at fluid temperatures from 40° F (4° C) to 240° F (115° C) and up to 125 PSI maximum working pressure. Their wide variety of configurations, flange orientation, mounting and other options, materials and capabilities provide you with great performance in a broad range of applications Taco 00 IFC Cartridge Circulators feature an Integral Flow Check (IFC) that eliminates the additional installation costs that go along with separate in-line flow checks, improves system performance and further reduces maintenance.