DB Belt Drive Centrifugal Roof Exhauster

DB Belt Drive Centrifugal Roof Exhauster Jenn

Product Features

  • - Static Pressure to 1-1/4"
  • - AMCA Seal for Air & Sound
  • - UL Listing Available
  • - High Wind Load Construction Available

Product Overview

Model DB belt drive fans are designed to exhaust air up to 28,000 CFM in high static pressure applications to 1-1/4”. The aluminum exterior provides an attractive appearance. Belt drive results in lower operating RPM and sound levels, making the Model DB well suited to applications where quiet operation is important. Belt drive also permits easy performance adjustments when needed to balance the total ventilation system. The non-overloading backward inclined wheel with its higher static pressure capability makes this unit suitable for either ducted or nonducted applications. It’s roof mounting permits location near the area to be ventilated, allowing short duct runs and more efficient operation.

DBs are primarily used for the exhaust of relatively clean air from a wide range of commercial, industrial and institutional environments such as manufacturing and assembly plants, office buildings, schools, hospitals, restaurants, athletic facilities and many others.

Product Features:

  • Sizes 6 to 48
  • 100 to 28,600 CFM